RENREN - The Renewable ENergy REgions Network

The project RENREN aims to identify policy choices that will improve regional frameworks for renewable energy expansion. The 14 partners from across Europe are collaborating to this end, since regions will play a big part in helping the EU and its member states achieve their 2020 renewable energy targets and related greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The ambitious EU energy agenda is based on the three pillars of energy security, competitiveness and sustainability. A minimum increase of 20% by 2020 in renewable energy generation compared to energy consumption is one key element of this. Independence from energy imports has also become a crucial and declared goal of EU energy policy. Last but not least, the renewable energy sector is one of the fastest growing, and has significant job creation potential.

RENREN’s key regional governmental bodies will exchange experience and expertise over the next three years in a strategic project that focuses on enabling conditions for renewables expansion, as well as how these relate to different technologies. It will develop policy recommendations to facilitate the transfer of the project findings into regional policy-making.

This website is to present the 14 partners' indicators related to renewable energy usage. With this tool you can draw graphs, maps and you can follow the work of the partners.